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There has always been an endless plethora of sexual fantasies in the human culture. From the simplicity of romantic interludes, to the deepest darkest fetish fantasies. The options are limited only by our own imagination. Our fantasies are an important part of our sexuality as well as our personality. They are intimate thoughts that are often kept secret, even from our most trusted partner. Fear often keeps us from liberating our deepest desires. In truth, sexual fantasies are normal, even healthy. The list is extensive but here are a few of the most common erotic fantasies.

Top Sexual Fantasies









Everyone has heard the cliché of joining the “Mile-high Club.” The thrill of getting caught adds a certain tinge of excitement. When it comes to getting intimate most people prefer a more private secluded setting. However, plenty of people are drawn to the idea of public play. Often spontaneous actions associated with exhibitionism make a simple change of setting a powerful tool in any relationship. Although sex in public is technically illegal in most jurisdictions, ABC Poll Vault reported that 57% of Americans admitted to trying public or outdoor sex.


Not to be confused with a “Peeping Tom”, a responsible sexual voyeur always asks permission. Voyeurism can be as simple as watching your partner undress, or as intentional as arranging a live sexual viewing. According to researchers at the “International Journal for Sexual Education” found that over 83 percent of males and 74 percent of females were willing to watch an attractive person disrobe if they would not get caught. Sexual partners will often use types of voyeurism as foreplay. Simply watching your partner strip tease can be an arousing start to an intimate evening.

Top Sexual Fantasies








Being a dominant or submissive role in the bedroom isn’t gender specific, it is simply a matter of preference. Plenty of powerful women love to have the tables turned on them in the bedroom, playing submissively to a Christian Grey type. Just the same, many women love taking the reigns and dominating their partners sexually. Whether you are emboldened or withdrawn, some type of Dom/sub configuration will more than likely fit your preferences.

Top Sexual Fantasies

Dress-up/Role Play

A rather broad topic, roleplaying in the bedroom encompasses any sexual scenario where reality is altered slightly in way of fantasy. Acting out a desired scenario, with a little imagination, a sexy costume and maybe a prop or two adds excitement to any relationship. Whether the scenario is boss and secretary, teacher and student, or something altogether more innovative, sometimes a little make-believe goes a long way.

Ménage a trois/Group Sex

A timeless classic in the world of emboldened sexuality, one way to bring a newcperspective into your sex life is to bring in other partners. For some it is the thought of being over stimulated that attract them to group sex, for others it is the fantasy of having sex with a man and a woman at the same time, or simply the mystery of anonymity group sex acts can sometimes provide. Options multiply quickly with additional participants. There are limitless possibilities to satisfy everyone’s unique desire, but you must feel comfortable sharing. No matter what your preference, there are an endless possibility of fantasies to be liberated. The key to ensuring that your experience is a positive one is education and communication. Do your research, ask questions and talk openly with your partner about what your experience may entail. With a little bit of preparation, you will both feel more comfortable.

Top Sexual Fantasies

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