The Powerful Psychology of Lingerie

Madame Liviara Luxury Lingerie

Some women prefer functionality over fun, others desire to be striking rather than sweet, and many choose comfort over class. Wearing luxury lingerie under your clothes is a personal decision.

Yet make no mistake, just like your outerwear, women’s lingerie leaves an imprint on how you carry yourself in this world, how you deal with people, and how you allow others to converse with you. If you believe that beautiful women’s lingerie is for the male gaze only, then perhaps take a moment to readjust your perspective.


Slips of silk gliding through your fingers, tapered lace pressing against your thighs, a bra that boasts brilliant support, and panties that makes you want to set the night on fire – the right lingerie can invite you to be comfortable in your own skin and will encourage you to stand 10 inches taller.
This is not about dressing for someone else, this is about dressing for yourself.

The Morning Ritual

Let’s start at the beginning. Mornings are all about rituals, you wake up, pad softly across the floor – pour yourself a dark velvet coffee and the day begins. Your underwear is the first thing you put on. If you pull on a faded grey bra with sagging wire and panties worn through, there is nothing there to impress yourself. Yet if you were to pull on something soft and sensuous, lingerie that fits like a glove – you have made this moment an occasion, a divine ritual, and you are sure to carry that spark of confidence for the rest of the day.

Even if no one gets a peek at the luxury lingerie which exists beneath your clothes, you know it’s there. This inside knowledge puts you on a higher plane, a place where you oversee your own destiny, and this is a very powerful feeling to step outside with.

Feeding your Esteem

Living beautifully shouldn’t just be saved for special occasions, you could be wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, your office uniform, or party pearls and lace – the knowledge of wearing something striking underneath will empower your every step. It’s about showing yourself that you value your private life as much, or even more so than your public life – and this is a reminder of how important you are. It starts by sending the right message to your mind.

When you invest intimate apparel, you are also more likely to select something that fits you. A well fitted bra will not only complement the natural shape of your body, but will also help the rest of your clothes fall in a flattering way. Once more, having well-fitted clothes helps you to understand your body better, ensures you choose garments that sit and slip right, and constantly drip feeds your esteem.

In 2012 scientists conducted a social psychological study that showed how clothing choices influences thought patterns and behavior. It played a major role in the understanding that what you wear can affect your perception of self, along with your creative output. In short, selecting dazzling lingerie can lift you to new heights, can tap into your creativity, and can make you feel more competent with every move.

Owning your Sexuality

Dressing provocatively is without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous gifts you can give yourself. When you remove a partner from the equation, you suddenly become a lot more attuned to your own sensuality.  You are sending a message to yourself; you are no longer performing for external eyes; you are being authentic, you are warm in your own skin, and those luscious feelings that prickle to the surface are caused by you and the way you see yourself. This is an incredible moment where you are owning your own sexuality.

Tapping into your inner goodness day after day, encourages you to ask yourself what you find sexy, something that can be hard to do when there is so much sexual noise about. Constantly the media and other people tell us what we should find sexy and we don’t have an abundance of time to work it out for ourselves. Sexuality is a gorgeous sprawling tapestry made up of thousands of individual threads. Exploring what you like and what you want, can start with the freeing act of simply selecting beautiful luxurious private wear for yourself.

Making Life Work for You

Too often intimate apparel is associated with discomfort. Women speak of feeling trussed up, strapped in, or having their nooks and crannies explored by thin pieces of fabric. This is a fallacy; lingerie has come a long way and part of making an abundant life work for you is knowing you don’t need to compromise.

Inspired intimates should fit perfectly, remain in place all day without causing discomfort, and make you feel fabulous in your own skin. If you don’t feel comfortable physically or mentally, then you will feel self-conscious. Yet find a darling or daring lingerie set that blends the magical elements of comfort and class and suddenly you understand all that life can hand over to you. You stop compromising on that which is rightfully yours.

Embracing Womanhood

It’s all too easy to become apathetic about our inner zeal, sexuality, and those small rituals that lift our spirits. Choosing to invest in luxury worn close to your skin ignites those moments of sensuality, which in turn keeps the embers of confidence warm, allows you to stay in touch with your true inner self.
Luxury lingerie is not about your partner’s gaze; it’s about embracing womanhood and celebrating who you are.

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