Maura Shares Her Inspiration

How did it feel to model for Liviara?

Modeling for Liviara was a fantastic experience. The entire team was filled with beautiful souls who care about the product. Getting to try out each piece was so fun and inspiring. I was able to bring out my inner angel and demon each time I shot a new look.

What empowers or inspires you?

Nature inspires me. My inner voice empowers me. I trust my instincts and listen to myself instead of caring what the outside world thinks or wants. In this busy day full of instant access and crowds of people, it’s most important for me to connect with the natural world as often as possible. It’s then I know what my values are made of.

What are your favorite activities in your free time?

My favorite activities are hiking, camping, road tripping, painting and creating art with other people.

Which woman inspires/motivates you? Why?

My grandmother inspires me every day. We are very close and it was amazing to hear her stories growing up during a more repressed period in American history. She stood up many times for what was right in regards to women, civil rights and other controversial topics. She remains positive, funny, cultured and active to this day and I think about her in many decisions that I make daily.

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