Liviara Model Jenna Shares All

Empowerment. Confidence. Strength. Liviara model Jenna Shares All:

What is your favorite Liviara piece? Why?

I love “Indulge” in midnight blue. It´s mysterious, powerful and sexy at the same time. Wearing Indulge makes me feel beautiful and strong. It´s like I have the permission to be wild and free.

What was it like on set?

I felt like I was in a team of strong women who know what they want n8or4gy. It was a very self-empowering experience to be part of the show and also do print for Liviara.

What empowers you?

Knowing that I have the power to live the life I want and that I´m able to make the changes that are necessary to achieve whatever I set my mind to. To have that kind of freedom is inspiring and makes me happy.

Which woman inspires you? Why?

I find inspiration in the life of Empress Elisabeth from Austria. Though she was expected to be part of the royal family, which meant changing completely who she was, she made decisions for herself. She didn´t let anyone change her. The message I get out of this is: You have to go for what you believe in, no matter what.

What are your favorite activities?

I love to sing and write music or go out and spend some time in nature. The ocean is the perfect spot for me. Out there I can think, let go and find new inspiration.

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