Liviara Model Jenna Shares All

Liviara lingerie model

Empowerment. Confidence. Strength. Liviara model Jenna Shares All: <img class="aligncenter" src="https://liviara collaboration” alt=”Liviara lingerie model Jenna” width=”629″ height=”619″ />   What is your favorite Liviara piece? Why? I love “Indulge” in midnight blue. It´s mysterious, powerful and sexy at the same time. Wearing Indulge makes me feel beautiful and strong. It´s like I have […]

5 Marie Antoinette Inspired Fashion Trends

Marie Antoinette – beloved, condemned, and brimming with charisma, yet throughout the years our icon never lost her penchant for sublime style. The darling Dauphine of France lived a tumultuous life; a trendsetter by nature with wildness stitched in her heart, and an adoration for fine food, fabulous affairs, and fashion. This is a queen […]

The Powerful Psychology of Lingerie

Some women prefer functionality over fun, others desire to be striking rather than sweet, and many choose comfort over class. Wearing <a href="https://www.liviara team collaboration”>luxury lingerie under your clothes is a personal decision. Yet make no mistake, just like your outerwear, women’s lingerie leaves an imprint on how you carry yourself in this world, […]