Rules of Engagement

Prepare to Liberate Your Fantasies Sexual fantasies are a normal part of a healthy sex life. From exhibitionism to sex clubs, the possibilities of exploration for you and your partner are endless. Living out your sexual fantasy can be extremely rewarding and open your eyes to new experiences as a couple.  However, it can also […]

Top 5 Sexual Fantasies

                  There has always been an endless plethora of sexual fantasies in the human culture. From the simplicity of romantic interludes, to the deepest darkest fetish fantasies. The options are limited only by our own imagination. Our fantasies are an important part of our sexuality as well […]

Maura Shares Her Inspiration

How did it feel to model for Liviara? Modeling for Liviara was a fantastic experience. The entire team was filled with beautiful souls who care about the product. Getting to try out each piece was so fun and inspiring. I was able to bring out my inner angel and demon each time I shot a […]

Top 3 Lingerie Sins

In today’s fast paced lingerie landscape there is only one way to make sure you consistently make the best decision regarding your intimate wear – to educate yourself is the answer! Many current manufacturers are solely focused on profit rather than providing a high quality product to the consumer. In the last few years a […]

Liviara Model Jenna Shares All

Liviara lingerie model

Empowerment. Confidence. Strength. Liviara model Jenna Shares All: What is your favorite Liviara piece? Why? I love “Indulge” in midnight blue. It´s mysterious, powerful and sexy at the same time. Wearing Indulge makes me feel beautiful and strong. It´s like I have the permission to be wild and free. What was it like on set? […]

5 Marie Antoinette Inspired Fashion Trends

Marie Antoinette – beloved, condemned, and brimming with charisma, yet throughout the years our icon never lost her penchant for sublime style. The darling Dauphine of France lived a tumultuous life; a trendsetter by nature with wildness stitched in her heart, and an adoration for fine food, fabulous affairs, and fashion. This is a queen […]

The Powerful Psychology of Lingerie

Some women prefer functionality over fun, others desire to be striking rather than sweet, and many choose comfort over class. Wearing luxury lingerie under your clothes is a personal decision. Yet make no mistake, just like your outerwear, women’s lingerie leaves an imprint on how you carry yourself in this world, how you deal with […]